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1- Counter-IED Report Winter 2014-15 front coverWelcome to the Counter-IED Report website, one-stop information and news source for Counter-IED professionals worldwide. The Counter-IED Report is a specialist, subscription-based publication, which serves as an information source to communicate the latest developments in the fight against the IED threat. The aim of the Counter-IED Report is to identify technological advances as well as strategies and tactics for reducing successful IED manufacture and placement. The report is published in print, eBook and PDF formats, and distributed worldwide. The distribution is tailored to the highly engaged audience of EOD, CIED, CBRNe, Defence, Law Enforcement, CT and Security professionals and senior decision makers in government, public and private sectors. Additional print copies of the Report are also distributed at the relevant Defence and Security events through our Media Partnership Programme.

Latest News

Separate bomb attacks kill at least 22 in Afghanistan
June 20, 2016
More than 20 people were killed in separate bomb attacks in Afghanistan on Monday, including at least 14 when a suicide bomber struck a minibus carrying Nepali security contractors in the capital Kabul.

Iran foils ‘biggest terrorist plot’: state TV
June 20, 2016
Iranian intelligence officials have broken up “the biggest terrorist plot” ever planned to target Tehran and other provinces in the Islamic republic, the country’s state television reported on Monday.

Kolkata: CID orders bomb detection devices
June 18, 2016
The death of two bomb squad officials at Malda’s Baisnabnagar earlier this year has sent the state CID’s elite bomb squad on a buying spree.

Man arrested for hoarding Nazi paraphernalia, bomb-instructions and guns in New York
June 17, 2016
A man was arrested after police found assault rifles, instructions on how to make bombs and a trove of Nazi paraphernalia at his home in New York.

HALO Trust unearths explosive drone warhead in Karabakh
June 17, 2016
The HALO Trust has found a fragmentation warhead from a suicide drone in Nagorno Karabakh.

RIMPAC 2016 international maritime exercise to begin on 30 June
June 17, 2016
The drill will also involve amphibious operations; gunnery, missile, anti-submarine, and air defence exercises, in addition to counter-piracy operations; mine clearance operations; and explosive ordnance disposal and diving and salvage operations.

Iraqi Army Purchases 500 Bandolier Lightweight Multi-Purpose Clearance Charges From Critical Solutions International
June 16, 2016
Critical Solutions International (CSI) announced today that the Iraqi Army has made its initial purchase of 500 of CSI’s Bandolier Lightweight Multi-Purpose Clearing Charges to help bridge Iraq’s current capability gaps in their fight to retake northwestern regions of the country.

Obama Set to Announce More Funding for Clearing Old Bombs in Laos
June 16, 2016
The lush green landscape of Laos’ northeastern Xieng Khouang province masks what almost a decade of conflict left behind. Millions of cluster munitions, known in Laos as “bombies,” are scattered among the rice fields and mountains, many buried deep below the surface.

State police ask for public’s help after explosive device found on Radford University field
June 16, 2016
State police are asking for the public’s help after an improvised explosive device was found on a Radford University intramural field.

1 injured as IED explodes in Kerala court complex
June 15, 2016
A 61-year-old man was injured when a low-intensity Improvised Explosive Device kept under an unused jeep exploded at the collectorate-cum-district courts complex in Kollam on Wednesday.

Fake bomb detector seller James McCormick to forfeit £8m
June 15, 2016
A British businessman serving a 10-year jail term for making bogus bomb detectors has been ordered to forfeit cash and assets worth nearly £8m.

Man arrested with weapons, explosive materials on way to L.A. Pride parade
June 14, 2016
A man whose car was filled with explosive material and weapons was arrested by police early Sunday.

Critical Solutions International and Humanistic Robotics Awarded Contract to Provide the Afghan National Army with 450+ Mine Rollers
June 13, 2016
Partnership between two route-clearance leaders will address an urgent need of the Afghan National Army for mine clearance and counter-IED capability.

Combat engineers clear way for new developments
June 13, 2016
451st Combat Engineer Platoon from Conroe, Texas conducted mine flail operations as part of the Multi-Echelon Integrated Brigade Training for 2016.

Philippines: IED found among trash in North Cotabato town
June 13, 2016
Responding bomb experts managed to immediately deactivate the improvised explosive device, fashioned from a live 81-millimeter mortar rigged with a blasting mechanism attached to a mobile phone.

Man arrested after suspect package is found on Dublin’s Store Street
June 12, 2016
Road was closed to public as army bomb squad searched the scene.

Blast from ‘self-made’ explosive injures five in Shanghai airport
June 12, 2016
A man set off a home-made explosive at a terminal in Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport on Sunday, injuring five people, including himself.

New police dog named after Truro bomb disposal hero Olaf Schmid
June 11, 2016
The German short-haired pointer is the newest canine recruit at Avon and Somerset Police and has been named Calverkeys Olaf Schmid.

Turkey bans sale of some fertilisers after bomb attacks
June 9, 2016
Turkey has banned the sale of fertilisers containing ammonium nitrate, which can be used in explosives.

3 killed by car bomb near police headquarters in Midyat, Turkey
June 8, 2016
Three people were killed Wednesday by a car bomb in the southeastern Turkish town of Midyat — the second such attack on Turkish police targets in two days.

Istanbul Police Bus Attack Kills At Least 11
June 7, 2016
A car bomb attack on a police bus in Istanbul has killed at least 11 people, seven of them officers.

Five Jordanians, including three military officers, killed in attack outside Amman
June 6, 2016
Five Jordanians were killed in an armed attack on the offices of the Jordanian General Intelligence Services (GIS) in north Amman, according to the Minister of Media Affairs Mohammed al-Momani speaking to the Jordanian Al-Ghad newspaper

ICOR’s CALIBER® MK4 Robot is designed to tackle Large Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (LVBIED)
June 3, 2016
ICOR’s CALIBER® MK4 Robot is the newest member of the CALIBER® family. The MK4 is equipped with a total of 7 cameras, including a dedicated, telescoping Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera arm that can reach a height of 9 ft.

ISIS terror plot to murder tourists in Dusseldorf involved TEN suicide bombers
June 3, 2016
A ISIS terror plot to murder tourists in the old town of Dusseldorf in Germany involved TEN suicide bombers .

IEDs used in Haryana blasts kept getting better by the day
May 30, 2016
Investigations into three bomb blasts in Haryana since January this year have shown that the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) used in the blasts got better by the day, indicating the possibility of a bigger operation being planned.

Police dog training saves shelter dogs from “doggie death row”
May 30, 2016
U.S. police dogs working the crime beat are usually purebreds that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to train. But one man is trying to change that.

South Sudan: Dogs to the Rescue in Troubled South Sudan
May 30, 2016
Khartoum, Sudan — Vulnerable populations in strife-torn South Sudan have received a security boost following the deployment of more than 30 explosive detection dogs (EDDs).

Milipol Qatar 2016 officially opens Online Registration service for visitors
May 30, 2016
Milipol Qatar 2016, the region’s most influential international trade exhibition for Homeland Security announces that online registration officially opened on 17th May 2016.

Mali: United Nations peacekeepers killed in attack
May 29, 2016
Five United Nations peacekeepers have been killed and another was seriously injured in an attack in central Mali.

NIA may help Haryana probe IED blasts
May 27, 2016
A low intensity explosion took place in a State-run bus in Kurukshetra, Haryana on Thursday afternoon, injuring eight people.

Spring/Summer 2016 edition of the Counter-IED Report magazine is now available to read online and in print
May 26, 2016
Articles, in-depth analysis and insights from NATO HQ SACT, U.S. Army Europe’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) in Germany, European Defence Agency, Allied Headquarters Joint Force Command Brunssum, Cranfield University, King’s College London and many more.

NATO trains Iraqi officers in countering Improvised Explosive Devices
May 25, 2016
NATO is helping Iraqi officers learn how to find and defuse Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre in Amman, Jordan.

Syria: Jableh and Tartus rocked by series of explosions
May 23, 2016
At least 100 people have been killed and some 200 injured after a series of explosions rocked the coastal cities of Jableh and Tartus.

59 IEDs of 1 kg each seized in Jharkhand
May 22, 2016
In a joint operation, the Latehar police and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel on Sunday seized 59 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Official journalists announce destroying IEDs laboratory in Fallujah
May 22, 2016
On Sunday, official journalists with the Ministry of Defense announced, that the Iraqi F16 fighter jets destroyed a laboratory for manufacturing improvised explosive devices and killed dozens of ISIS members in Fallujah District.

Suspected ISIS-linked cell foiled in southern Russia, large weapons cache destroyed
May 21, 2016
A militant cell with suspected links to the Islamic State terror group was foiled in Russia’s southern Republic of Ingushetia.

MoI release photos of suicide bomber, VBIED seized near the ministry compound
May 17, 2016
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) released the photos of the would-be suicide bomber and the Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device which the bomber wanted to use in targeting the Ministry of Interior compound.