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Thistle Polymer Composites have, since 1978, developed a skill in the use of Fibre Reinforced Thermoset Polymers, providing positively driven double-sided toothed tracks for EOD vehicles. Work on the track design went hand-in-hand with work on sprocket optimisation.

There are tracks from 10mm through to 45mm pitch with the middle of the range 22.3mm (XH) being multifunctional and having the widest use. New construction materials have opened up interesting options. There are 21 formats to choose from. Sprocket sizes go down to 61mm diameter with “cage” or “open-centre” construction possible. Vehicle weight of 250kg and over can be accommodated (more information is available in this PDF file – Fred Powada article and advertisement).

At the request of Northrop Grumman, manufacturers of the very latest tracked Wheelbarrow, the Mk9, Thistle Polymer’s expertise and equipment to fine tune track performance, was applied to tyres, and the Cutlass tyre development rapidly took several unexpected turns.

Celled Tyre Design is more difficult as there can be no “standard” line of celled tyres for EOD use. The weight each tyre supports, desired tyre width, outer and inner diameters, plus the need to give the tyre the ability to surmount obstacles, drives both the dimension detail and the materials of construction. The hub is integral with rubber outer, and there is the possibility of varying the combinations and then have the celled tyre comparable in weight to a pneumatic version. It is a matter of fine tuning.

thistle-new-image-18-nov-2016Last year, Thistle Polymer Composites staff have played a very active role in promoting the view that the United Kingdom was stronger for being a reasonably integrated single entity; for instance, having developed for the Scottish Referendum Campaign the best flag display in the country, seen by 120,000 road and rail travellers weekly and visually “telling a tale”.  We (and the costs were privately borne) are proud to have played our part in this democratic process!

Thistle Management  – also recognising that nations united are greater than the sum of the parts  was part of the successful campaign to keep Scotland in the UK, (the local Aberdeenshire result, contrary to expectations was very much “for” the UK, and yet the whole district has Scottish National Party Members of Parliament).  Part of a success. The management team campaigned vigorously for the UK to remain in the EU. While seeing the UK’s  Brexit referendum result as a major disappointment    it was one battle. Scotland was and is “for” the EU. There is still the agenda for and of the future direction we all must adhere.  Thistle’s Operations Manager, in his travels, (and especially in Norway & parts of the EU) has seen flags used constructively to influence and inform passers by. The changing flags display (it is the best in Scotland by far) shown, is just one of a continually refreshed “offer”.  The same technique has been used successfully on trial for local issues and it does produce positive results.

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