PrimeTech mine clearing vehicles for Humanitarian Demining and Armed Forces

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PrimeTech is a division of the FAE Group with 27 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of advanced mulching machinery. As well as a complete family of Demining Machines for Humanitarian Demining and Armed Forces. The PT D:Mine Series of machines are operated in some of the most dangerous and harsh conditions. PrimeTech machines are known for their endurance and minimum downtime. The design of the PT D:Mine equipment allows a very easy access to the service areas of the machine.

Prime Tech systems offer some of the greatest versatility in today’s market and at excellent value to the machine..

All the Prime Tech demining machines can be operated by remote control at a range of 1000m, allowing the operator to stay in a very safe zone.


PT-175 D:Mine is a tracked carrier with a remote control system that receives the signal up to 1000 m. distance.


A wide range of remote controlled Demining Machines

PrimeTech’s range of remote controlled Demining Machines consists of 3 models: the PT-175 D:Mine (160 HP), the PT-300 D:Mine (275 HP) and the PT-400 D:Mine (415 HP).

PT-175 D:Mine is a Light demining machine able to deal with AP mines, while PT-300 D:Mine and PT-400 D:Mine are Medium and Heavy mechanical demining assets and are able to withstand blasts from anti-tank mines and have been certified by the Croatian Mine Action Center – Center for testing, development and training Ltd.


PT-300 D: Mine (category Medium Machine) is powered by a tried and tested 6-cylinder John Deere engine, delivering 275 HP

Its rugged steal structure ensures the machine to advance and move easily even in extreme conditions.

The vehicles are equipped with FAE demining tillers. The strongly purpose built demining tiller will till the ground at an incredible speed clearing the area, eliminating the mines and making the area safe. The demining tiller also protects the machine from damage, can work up to 300mm in depth and ensure that mine clearance operations are made properly.

As the ideal choice for military or humanitarian operations in the world’s most hostile regions, the machines work on virtually all terrains, including those with an incline, vegetation and rocky soil.

The heaviest class of demeaning machine, Prime Tech’s PT-400 D:MINE offers unrivalled power, precision and endurance

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