The versatility of PrimeTech PT-300 working for the Hungarian army

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In 2015, the Hungarian Bocskai István Infantry Brigade MH 5. Operation Technical Support Battalion fleet chose to purchase a PT-300, made by PrimeTech, a division of the Italian FAE Group. The Hungarian army needed a versatile and reliable machine for area clearance jobs on different types of terrain, from forests to rockier soil, even in those made inaccessible by mines or unexploded devices.

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Fig 1-2. PrimeTech PT-300 is a multipurpose tracked carrier that can be fitted with driver’s cab or with remote-control.


To meet these requirements, the Hungarian dealer Hunduna Bt, together with PrimeTech, developed a tailored solution based on the PT-300 and possible to use in different set-ups. PT-300 is in fact a multipurpose tracked carrier and can be fitted with driver’s cab or with remote-control. And in just a few hours, it can be converted from one set-up to another.

The versatility of the PT-300 can also be seen in the different heads that can be fitted onto the vehicle, according to the intended use.

The configuration devised for the Hungarian army included:

  • a PT-300 with driver’s cab for the operator
  • a remote-control for working on very steep terrain or in mined areas, without any risk to the operator;
  • a forestry mulcher for vegetation management and land clearing;
  • a demining tiller for clearance of mines and unexploded devices;
  • a forestry tiller/stabilizer for land conversion and site preparation;
  • a rock crusher and asphalt grinder to crush stones and rocks, and for the building and maintenance of dirt roads.

As well as the above equipment, the package supplied to the Hungarian Bocskai István Infantry Brigade MH 5. Operation Technical Support Battalion fleet included:

  • a full set of spare parts;
  • on-site technical training and mechanical assistance.

“The PT-300 has been used to clear areas along the Romanian border and in the shooting ranges of the Hungarian army,” says Erika Nadobán, owner of Hunduna Bt. “During this work, the Hungarian army was able to see how the great versatility of the PrimeTech PT- 300 makes a real difference in terms of productivity and ROI (return on investment). And in times of budget cuts, this is really important.

Future plans for the PT-300 will also see it used in building and maintaining roads for civilian and military use.”

PT-300 for Hungarian Army_PrimeTech April 16-2

Fig 3. The Hungarian Bocskai István Infantry Brigade MH 5. Operation Technical Support Battalion fleet pose with Ms. Erika Nadobán (Hunduna Bt) and Mr. Ricardo Krause, Mechanical Maintenance Technician at PrimeTech.

The PT-300 D:Mine (with remote control and demining tiller) in figures

The PT-300 with remote control and mining tiller (for mine clearance), is known as PT-300 D:Mine and it is the standard set-up provided to armies and to organizations involved in demining.

A brief outline of its technical characteristics:

PT-300 D:Mine (Medium Machine category) is a tracked carrier. Its remote control ensures accurate guidance at a range of up to 1000 m and has a speed of up to 8 km/h. It is equipped with an FAE 300/TD tiller, with a working width of 2500 mm, specifically designed to withstand explosions of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. Hardox® and Weldox® Steel makes tools and rotor wear resistant. The Periflex® transmission system protects the head in the event of explosions. Depending on the terrain, PT-300 D:Mine can reach an hourly productivity of up to 2000 m² and has an average working depth of 250mm. The ground pressure exerted by the vehicle is only 0.26 kg/cm². Thanks to the oscillating undercarriage, the PT-300 D:Mine maintains excellent mobility both on steep slopes (100% climbing ability) and in swampland or ground made inaccessible by mud or snow. Another important feature, especially in rocky and densely overgrown areas, is PT-300 D:Mine’s high ground clearance (400 mm), which limits structural damage and, during maintenance, makes it quick and easy to access major components.

PrimeTech vehicles can cope effectively with any weather condition, from the coldest temperatures of Siberia to the scorching heat of the African deserts. Overheating is minimized thanks to separate and enhanced radiators for both hydraulic system and engine.

PT-300 for Hungarian Army-6_PrimeTech April 16-3

Fig 4. In 2012 PrimeTech was awarded CWA 15044: 2009 – Test and evaluation of demining machines standard certification by the Croatian Mine Action Centre, during which time, the PT-300 D:Mine was tested on anti-personnel and ant-tank mines (up to 7 kg explosives).


The PT-300 D:Mine large-capacity fuel tank (330 l) ensures a range of at least 8 hours at 100% diesel engine load: a key advantage over comparable machines which can end up with a dry tank after just 4 hours of work.

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