Britain pledges £750m to help improve the lives of Afghans following years of war

October 1, 2016

International Development Secretary Priti Patel said the boost would not only reduce misery and suffering in the world, but also serve Britain’s interests by stabilising the country and reducing the need for people to make perilous long-journeys to the UK.

It comes shortly after Theresa May travelled to the United Nations and the G20 to assure the world the UK would not turn in on itself following the Brexit Vote, but also to urge leaders to do more to tackle mass-migration.

With Conservative conference about to begin in Birmingham, Ms Patel also takes the opportunity to launch an attack on Labour claiming the party under Jeremy Corbyn is promoting socialist policies that held back global development for decades.

She said: “The UK’s presence in Afghanistan over the last decade has helped improve security and prevent it from once again becoming a base of operations for global terrorists that would threaten the streets of Britain.

“We have improved the lives of Afghans significantly – with millions more children in school, better healthcare, and greater prosperity. But huge challenges remain – not least the continuing threat from the Taliban.

“That is why the UK will commit up to £750m, from the aid budget, to Afghanistan between 2017 and 2020 to help create a more stable country and improve people’s lives – particularly for women and girls.”

As well as spending on health and education services, the funding will contribute to the urgent UN flash appeal to help protect internally displaced people who have fled their homes, and clear land mines from areas where people live.

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