EOD specialist, Reserve Drill Sgt. earn Soldier, NCO of Year

October 3, 2016

Winners of the Best Warrior competition are: Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Moeller, named NCO of the Year; and Spc. Robert Miller, named Soldier of the Year.

The winners were announced Oct. 3 during the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Almost immediately following the announcement, the two Soldiers commented on the win and what it means to be a Soldier and a Best Warrior.


All 20 of the competitors — including 10 NCOs and 10 Soldiers — representing 10 major Army commands, immediately bonded, Moeller said.

Moeller, who is a Reserve senior drill instructor, compared that bonding to the drill sergeants’ “tightknit community.”

Regarding the competition, he said the most grueling was the 12-mile road march. “I’m a scout and I’m used to road marches, but this one was the toughest.”

The road march, he said, included many changes in elevation, pitch black night and pouring rain.

He said the second toughest was the day and night land navigation course, which was through dense brush and swamps.

Moeller’s advice to all Soldiers:

“Put forth your best effort. Even if you think it’s not great, don’t ever stop striving for the best you can do. It won’t necessarily culminate in awards like this, but you’re going to be rewarded. If we’re chasing excellence every day, it’s going to benefit the Army and America as a whole.”

Moeller’s girlfriend, Lisa Cho, flew here from Southern California and was on hand to share in Moeller’s achievement. It was an “unexpected surprise,” she said.

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