ISIS bomb expert accidentally blows himself up

February 2, 2017

Senior Islamic State terrorist Abu Abdullah killed himself and a fellow militant while laying a roadside improvised explosive device (IED) in Mosul, Iraq.

Described as a senior bomb expert, Abdullah was a leader in the terrorist group, based in Iraq and Syria, and was reportedly responsible for dozens of previous detonations.

During the Iraqi army’s advance through the city, Abdullah’s cell was focused on rigging buildings and road sections in an effort to inflict casualties on Iraqi troops.

Local news outlets reported the death had been confirmed by a security official, who said that the terrorist was killed in the town of Shirqat, northern Iraq.

Abdullah’s death marks yet another blow for the terrorist organization after a number of leading militants were killed in recent weeks.

On Monday, reports emerged that the terror group’s chief decapitator had been stabbed to death in western Mosul. The jihadist, nicknamed Abu Sayyaf, was reportedly killed by unknown individuals west of the city of Nineveh.

Meanwhile, Abu Abdel Rahman, an ISIS extremist who used a meat cleaver to kill women, was shot dead last week. The senior commander is believed to have been gunned down in the al-Askari neighborhood, which is yet to be wrestled from ISIS control.

Earlier this week, Iraqi security and popular mobilization forces reportedly killed 42 Islamic State extremists in the area.

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