Daifuku to provide Montréal-Trudeau with new baggage handling system

October 17, 2016

Japanese company Daifuku Airport Technologies (ATec) have been awarded an Explosives Detection System (EDS) contract for its baggage handling system by Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.

The company will replace the existing system at the Canadian airport with an Individual Carrier System (ICS) utilising its Baggage Tray System (BTS) technology to improve the tracking efficiencies and reduce in-system times.

“Our vast experience and expertise in providing customers with innovative and flexible solutions were key factors in winning this project.”

The new system is thought to be installed over multiple phases, including the integration of Morpho CTX 9800, standard belt conveyors and the BTS to provide transportation both pre and post Explosive Detection System with delivery to final sortation and baggage make-up.


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