Discarded laptop yields revelations on network behind Brussels, Paris attacks

January 25, 2017

Just hours after two ISIS suicide bombers blew themselves up inside Brussels airport on the morning of March 22, 2016, Belgian police discovered their safe house/bomb factory, thanks to the testimony of the taxi driver who picked up the attackers and took them to the airport.

In a trash can outside the residence on rue Max Roos in the Brussels district of Schaerbeek, Belgian police found a discarded laptop belonging to one of the suicide bombers — a Belgian named Najim Laachraoui — who is believed to have built the bombs used in the Paris and Brussels attacks.
Although much of the hard drive had been wiped clean, weeks of painstaking digital forensic analysis by the Regional Brussels Computer Crime Unit yielded a treasure trove of new information on the ISIS network behind the November 13, 2015, Paris and March 22, 2016 Brussels attacks (which included a bombing of the city’s subway system), according to Belgian investigative files obtained by CNN.
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Source: CNN