Every day, landmines claim 10 new victims – let’s put an end to the suffering. Join us on April 4 for the International Day of Mine Awareness

March 7, 2016

media release #togetheragainstmines EN_vf-1Together against land mines

Geneva: – Launch of international awareness campaign #TogetherAgainstMines

The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining GICHD has launched a worldwide awareness campaign under the hashtag #TogetherAgainstMines leading up to the International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on April 4, 2016.

Decreasing awareness and funding
Over the last few years, both awareness and funding for landmine clearance have gone down. In order to increase awareness about the problem of landmines, the GICHD has launched a worldwide awareness campaign under the hashtag #TogetherAgainstMines leading up to April 4.

This campaign asks people from all sectors and walks of life to convey the message that the target of a mine-free world can only be reached with renewed and increased engagement of donors and the civil society.

A strong image – a simple action The red triangle is the symbol of the campaign. This logo reimagines the red triangle – usually used in warning signs for minefields – as a symbol of global solidarity against landmines. The messagecontained in the triangle, #TogetherAgainstMines, unites people in a common cause and action around the globe. The action for the campaign is simple: print out the red triangle or draw the #; take a picture with it; post the picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #TogetherAgainstMines.

The goal: renewed engagement
By asking people to share their social media platforms, this campaign will contribute to a renewed engagement of this “forgotten plight”, stressing the international community to step in for the completion of the necessary land release work. This should translate into major public awareness and encourage donors to continue their support for mine action. The website togetheragainstmines.org provides all the information related to the campaign, downloads of the triangle and other visuals, as well as the display of all the activity related to the posted #.

The impact of explosive hazards
Explosive hazards have a significant impact on human security both during and after conflicts. In over 60 countries and territories, mines, cluster munitions, explosive remnants of war and poorly managed ammunition stockpiles injure and kill thousands of people every year. Access to livelihood assets, reconstruction and development are significantly impeded by these indiscriminate threats.

Who we are
The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) is an expert organisation working to reduce the impact of mines, cluster munitions and other explosive hazards, in close partnership with mine action organisations and other human security actors. We support the ultimate goals of mine action: saving lives, returning land to productive use and promoting development. Based at the Maison de la paix in Geneva, the GICHD employs around 55 staff members from over 15 different nations. This makes the GICHD a unique and international centre of mine action expertise and knowledge. Our work is made possible by core contributions, project funding and in-kind support from more than 20 governments and organisations.

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