Prime Tech Demining Live Demonstration

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PrimeTech organized a demonstration of its demining machines on September 1st and 2nd, 2016.

This event was a total success and saw over 20 attendants from eight different countries representing NGO’s, Commercial Companies, Armies, R&D centers and Donors. During the event, PrimeTech also had the privilege to host a conference about OPERATIONAL SUSTANIBILITY VS.OPERATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY in a lecture by Mr. Mikael Bold, an expert on demining technologies from the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). The machines were operated with the remote control and on a steep terrain up to 100% slope. The PT-175 was suited with a mulching head in order to demonstrate the optimized vegetation clearance capabilities. The PT-300 D:Mine was used with a recently developed rotor that takes advantages of the long lasting PrimeTech rock crushing experience.

PrimeTech Mine-Clearing Vehicles for Humanitarian Demining and Armed Forces

PrimeTech is a division of the FAE Group. FAE Group has 27 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced mulching machinery. Among the several applications of its mulching machinery, PrimeTech has developed a complete family of demining machines for humanitarian demining: Its PT D:Mine Series. These machines operate in some of the most dangerous and harsh conditions. PrimeTech machines benefit from increased endurance and reduced downtime. The design of the PT D:Mine vehicles provides easy access to interior systems – the track-based drive system limits the cost and time required for maintenance. PrimeTech systems are some of the most versatile on today’s market and offer excellent value for money.

All PrimeTech demining machines can be operated by remote control at a range of 1000m, keeping personnel out of harm’s way. The same machine can be easily equipped with several different attachments such as tillers, flails, mulching heads, asphalt grinding heads, rock crushers and dozer blades.

A Wide Range of Remote-Controlled Demining Machines

PrimeTech’s range of remote-controlled demining machines consists of 3 models: the PT-175 D:Mine (160 HP), the PT-300 D:Mine (275 HP) and the PT-400 D:Mine (415 HP).

PT-175 D:Mine is a light demining machine able to neutralize AP mines, while PT-300 D:Mine and PT4-00 D:Mine are medium and heavy mechanical demining assets and are able to withstand blasts from both anti personal (AP mines) and anti-tank mines (AT mines) and have been certified by the Croatian Mine Action Centre.

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