Research and collaboration between countries to fight against the Improvised Explosives Devices (IED’s)

November 3, 2016




From 24th to 26th October, the IAWS 2016 International meeting was held at the Academy of the Spanish Civil Guard in Aranjuez.

  • The Secretary of State of Security, Mr. Francisco Martínez, was the responsible of the opening the 25th morning, in which also participated Mr. Jorge Domecq, Director of the EDA.
  • During the three days, it was emphasized the need for cooperation between countries and international agencies.

Madrid, November 03, 2016. – The fourth edition of the Interagency Workshop, was held in the Academy of Officers of the Civil Guard, in Aranjuez (Madrid) on 24th, 25th and 26th of October. To the meeting, organized by the C-IED CoE with the support of the European Defence Agency, was atended by more tan 100 professional people from 16 countries and belonging to 61 national and international defence and security institutions. These include Europol, Interpol, the FBI, the Belgian Federal Police as well as the NATO armed forces and others. From Spain, the FAS, the Civil Guard, the National Police and other forces of security. Also there was representation of professionals in the private sector.

The oficial opening was celebrated on Tuesday 25th, by the Secretary of State of Security, Mr. Francisco Martínez, who valued the joint work done by the Civil Guard, the National Police and the National Intelligence Centre in the fight against the networks that produce IEDS and, specially, against terrorism, highlighting that during this year, 24 operation have been done and 47 people have been detained.

During the opening day, the Director of the EDA, Mr. Jorge Domecq, emphasized research and collaboration between countries as the two main pillars in the fight against the use of IED networks. Also, the collaboration between international institutions, in adittion to the importance of the knowledge about these devices, that it is mostly acquired in the framework of military operations.

Mr. Domecq opted to invest in improved research techniques that allow collecting even more information about the explosive devices to try anticipating future incidents. Also there was a special mention to the CoE, for its great work in the fight against IEDS and constant improvement of the Armed Force’s capabilities in this area.

Different authorities were attendees to the Congress: Chief of the Defence Staff, Admiral Mr. Fernando García Sánchez, General Director of the Civil Guard, Mr. Arsenio Fernández de Mesa, and the CoE Director, Colonel Mr. Juan Gómez Martín.

This edition of the IAWS was closed on the evening of Wednesday 26th, with the general conclusion of improving knowledge about the techniques, tactics, and backgrounds of the IED threats.


About C-IED COE: El C-IED COE, located in Hoyo de Manzanares(Madrid) is an entity accredited by the NATO whose misión is to produce knowledge to contribute the fight against the IED and the networks that use them. It aims to support NATO Alliance and its partners For this, they are provided with military, police and civil experts from 11 different countries.

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