The EU crisis of law enforcement cooperation

March 22, 2016

There is robust literature on the evolving perceptions of European Union (EU) intelligence cooperation to tackle the challenges of national security, and threats posed by homegrown extremist organisations. The basic information on the function and strategies of the intelligence agencies of the EU member states is not available to writers and researchers in order to analyse the factual security mechanism in the region. Since the EU secret agencies are handled by different formal and informal entities, researchers are unable to show the whole picture in a broad perspective. When we read stories about the state and private intelligence agencies and their evolving function, we come across numerous analyses and comments, which point to the role of private agencies as a bigger challenge for the state agencies in the EU. The Paris terrorist attacks in 2015, followed by the Copenhagen and Brussels terror attacks in 2016, changed the whole picture of the professionalisation of intelligence cooperation within the EU. Both state and private intelligence agencies failed to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into the country.


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Source: Daily Times, Pakistan