Philippine police arrest 2 suspects in foiled US embassy bomb attack


December 1, 2016

Philippine police have arrested two men who allegedly planted an improvised explosive device (IED) outside the United States Embassy in Manila on Monday, the country’s police chief said on Thursday.

Philippine National Police chief Ronald Dela Rosa presented to the media the two suspects who allegedly admitted to have placed the IED inside a trash bin just outside the embassy compound on Monday morning.

He said the suspects were arrested Tuesday morning. One of the suspects drove the cab while the other suspect was the one who got off the car to place the explosive in the bin, he added.

Dela Rosa said the suspects hailed from Marawi City on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. They reportedly brought the explosive to Manila along with three other suspects who are still at large.

Dela Rosa said the two suspects first placed the explosive in Rizal Park but did not go off so they decided to put it in the bin near the embassy.

The suspects, who were in handcuff when presented to the media, were not allowed to speak.

The hunt continues to arrest the remaining suspects, Dela Rosa said, adding that the explosive found at the embassy was similar to the ones used in the Sept. 2 bombing in Davao City that killed 15 and wounded 70 others.

Police attributed the bombing to the Maute Group, the terror group which is the target of a military offensive in Butig, Lanao del Sur. He said the arrested suspects are also members of the Maute Group.

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